Parsons Welcomes Creative Designer Samantha Leibowitz

On Thursday June 23, Samantha was invited to be a guest speaker at Parsons School of Design. Joan Duncan, who teaches at Parsons, asked Samantha to tell her story to her class to help them gain insight on what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Samantha was more than happy to speak with Joan’s class and give some advice as well as share her story on how she created Samantha Leibowitz New York.


The class was filled with students from around the world who were very interested in not only how Samantha got started, but also how she managed to get into Fashion Week within the first eight months of her company. Starting with her background, Samantha told the class that she knew she would have her own clothing line when she was fourteen years old. With that goal in mind, Samantha went on to work for eight different companies, became a certified colorist and graduated from West Virginia University. From there Samantha began working on her business plan and officially released the launch of her company, Samantha Liebowitz New York.2parsonsblo

         But the big question of the day was still, how did such a new company manage to get into New York Fashion Week? Samantha explained to them that through networking and determination she made this possible. Although her assertiveness got her through the door, her work and designs are what got her into Fashion Week. They were blown away by her designs and could not believe that she had just recently launched her company. With three weeks to get everything together, Samantha and her team worked tirelessly to ensure that Fashion Week was a success!

After Samantha finished her presentation, the class took their time looking at the look books, line sheets and sample sets Samantha brought to show the class. They not only got the chance to look at what goes in a look book and line sheet, but also were able to see and feel the samples that Samantha had. The presentation went flawlessly and Samantha had a great time meeting the students and answering all of their questions! We would like to thank Parsons and Joan Duncan for inviting Samantha to come and speak with this class and share her story!



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